• Sam Vanhoutte

    Sam Vanhoutte

    CTO at @CoditCompany, Windows Azure Insider, BizTalk Server V-TSP. Proud husband and father of 2 kids, love traveling, cooking and reading.

  • Ted DiNola

    Ted DiNola

    Game developer and programmer/designer. My opinions are mine, and mine alone, and do not reflect those of any company/goverment/cult I associate myself with.

  • iedaddy


    Computer geek, SharePoint guy and sometimes writer. I know GeekFu.

  • Rahul Singh

    Rahul Singh

  • Abdul Rehman Liaqat

    Abdul Rehman Liaqat

  • GCP Guru - Google Cloud Certification Club

    GCP Guru - Google Cloud Certification Club

    A one-stop portal for your Google Cloud certification preparation | Our detailed solution explanations are designed by a team of certified experts.

  • Carlos Granda

    Carlos Granda

    SVP, Global Customer Success at SAP

  • Hugo Sousa

    Hugo Sousa

    Student, writer, entrepreneur and true lover of the positive attitude that you may have. Founder & Editor @RevistaMexxer (http://mexxer.pt) Go ahead dear friend

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