Cloud Adoption Patterns

Lynn Langit
8 min readAug 14, 2022

6 Key Techniques

Six Key Cloud Adoption Patterns

In my work as a contract Cloud Architect, I’ve seen a good number of customers attempting to move key application workloads to the cloud from a number of different types of environments (on-premise, colo…) over the past 10+ years. Many of those customers struggle, even fail — however, some succeed, why?

How do the successful customers get there faster?

In this article I’ll describe the top six patterns to successful enterprise cloud adoption that I’ve observed in my consulting work. To start, let’s consider two categories that are of utmost importance in building solutions on the public cloud — people and technology. I observe that getting the People focus right is more often done inadequately, so I’ll start with this topic.


Software is built by people. Failing to honestly access the capabilities of the current technical team to build using best practice cloud patterns has driven many a project off the rails. ‘Just winging it’ is costly at best, too often, I’ve seen it result in complete project failures.

Assessment of team abilities isn’t enough though. Customers who succeed do three things in the area of People.

  • Build applications that solve end-user problems