Talking with Startup Teams at Factory Berlin (Germany)

A conversation I had with the co-founder and CTO of a tech startup at Factory Berlin recently prompted me to write about my approach to interviewing technical candidates and also on how I approach these types of interviews myself. The TL;DR is this:

Big birthday this month and I already got what I wanted — to see my waist again. What a difference a year makes. “Add, don’t subtract” in Feb 2020 the words of my food coach seemed impractical. “Does that mean eat more?” I impertinently asked.

Social Audio Linguistics

Late to the party, I recently accepted an invite to Clubhouse. From my expansive balcony on warm summer evenings, I have been curiously dropping in and out of culturally different rooms as a substitute for pre-pandemic global travel.

Over time, linguistic patterns materialize. But first…

Basic Taxonomy

Clubhouse is…


Stop installing stuff on your laptop!

I work with a plethora of languages, clouds and tools. To that end I find myself setting up dev environments frequently. In this article, I’ll share patterns for efficiency in the process.

1. Cloud-based Laptops

Long ago I stopped installing random stuff on my personal laptop. Rather, I have been using one or…

Reflecting and looking forward after a year of daily GitHub contributions

My GitHub profile page

Learning as a Serial Monogamist

I tend to do each new-to-me thing for about a year at a time. Lifelong learning is my way. Fun fact: I’ve never owned a TV.

For example, there was the year, when I did all of the then-available…

Creating a new home in the Midwest

1 year ago today I eagerly opened the door to my new home in Minneapolis. After having driven across the Western US to get here, I arrived with all of my possessions — two suitcases filled with clothes.

The drive back to my…

“Well, that’s different”

Where will the tracks lead in 2020?

As we say here in the Midwest, 2020 is ‘different when it comes to travel for most all of us. While it is true that I proclaimed in 2019 that is was finally time for me to ‘slow down travel’, I never imagined to what extent this…

Australian summer, Feb 2017, I took a break from coding and walked around Sydney harbor. Despite the stunning beauty, I felt an unnatural, desert-like, searing heat in the air. And every year it is getting hotter there. In 2019, Sydney set a record of 107 degrees.

That same year there…

by Lynn Langit and Kelly Kermode

When building data analysis pipelines for genomic-scale workloads, the typical approach is to use a Data Lake Architecture. In this article, we’ll detail using this architecture on Azure. The general Data Lake pattern (shown below) includes several surface areas and uses common cloud services…

from a Microsoft RD, Google GDE & AWS Community Hero

As an independent Cloud Architect and Developer, I am often asked whether I work for Amazon, Google or Microsoft. The short answer is NO. However I am part of technical award membership programs at all three. …

Lynn Langit

Cloud Architect who codes, Angel Investor

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